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Dear Tricam Industries and Tractor Supply,

You are welcome to contact me to discuss the attached and below failure of your product.

Model GW0865D-1

I will forward you all the pics and the fastener expert’s statement determining the cause of the spilt rim tire failure 15 minutes out of the box.

Your split rim tire exploded as a result of poor product quality of the fasteners (Nut in Bolts) holding the tire together.

Summary – Note sufficient thread engagement between the Nut and Bolt. Even when the tire is pressurized well below manual specification.

I will be posting all the pic and information on Facebook, Twitter and U Tube on or before Jan 1, 2014. I am fully aware of Michigan’s laws regarding liability and responsibility of the distributor (Tracker Supply) and Manufacture (Tricam Industries.).

I suffered from a broken nose,skull, teeth, my nose and upper lip were ripped and hanging from my face. I experienced emotional depression and numerous fear of any object striking my face. My fear of driving lasted 3 months, I often had to wear a helmet and face shield just to drive my car to work. It has taken me 14 month and many discussions with attorneys to come to turns with the situation and determine the path I will undertake against Tractor Supply and Tricam Industries.

I have purchase additional parts from Tricam Industries Website and Cart from Tractor Supply to develop a record of history and poor product quality.

Derek V. Davis

BAE Industries

Purchasing Manager

Gerente de Compras

Mobile +001.586.747.2186

1426 Pacific Dr.

Auburn Hills, Mi 48326

Skype me @ derek.davis75

Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Haskell, Oklahoma, United States #1226467

There are some really sick commenters on here. The man did not say he "over inflated" the tire.

To put air in a tire valve, normally you do have your face within a few feet of the tire, and facing the tire to see what you are doing. For the Smart A$$'s here: there are other reviews/reports of wheel failure on this product on other sites, including Amazon.

For anyone experiencing a possibly dangerous failure of this product, please file a report/complaint (easy to do on-line) with the Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission, at

https://www.cpsc.gov/ .

You may save others from injury.

There are also many reviews of the bad or non-existent customer service of Tricam. Not hard to believe.

- the same type of wheel/tire combo can be bought at harbor freight stores for $6-7.00 each.

Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States #959409

Never ever ever, over inflate a tire when your face is so close to it. Dumb ***.

Oak Creek, Wisconsin, United States #959407

buyer beware.


Let me guess you got drunk and one of your friends run you over with that thing. I mean how can someone get hurt like that did the tire fly right in your face or something?

I am sorry but I can figure out how on earth that thing hurt you so bad it looks like you got beat up...

Mount Vernon, Ohio, United States #780473

Tractor Supplies stuff is all made overseas and the quality questionable. I am sure you are not the only person that has had this problem.

Morristown, New Jersey, United States #779155


Keep your kids away from that thing.

Ohio, Illinois, United States #777783

They need to recall the kart like they did not crappy ladder.

Check is out.


Tricam Industries


Step Stool Manufactured In China Importer Tricam Industries Inc., of Eden Prairie, Minn. Affected Units About 84,000 Source Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Hazard The top step/standing platform can break, posing a fall hazard to consumers.

Description The recalled products are Easy Reach by Gorilla Ladders 3-Step Pro Series step stools, model number HB3-PRO. The step stools have three plastic steps, a steel tubular frame and a plastic-molded tool holder. The model number is located on the underside of the middle step on a blue label. The label also states that the step stools are rated to support 225 lbs.

Recalled step stools have a "J" stamped into the underside of the top step and/or the underside of the tool holder. Consumer Contact Tricam Industries; toll-free (855) 336-0360, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday, or www.gorillaladders.net, then click on Recall for more information.

Incidents / Injuries Tricam has received five reports of the standing platform breaking, one of which included a report of scrapes and abrasions to a consumer. Remedy Customers should immediately stop using the recalled step stools and contact Tricam Industries for a full refund.

Flint, Michigan, United States #777781

Take them to court!

The Cart is a piece of sh-t!


shut your *** face looser stop playing on things that arent meant to be played with. fear of anything touching my face HAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAH STFU


Still waiting on what exactly happened.

Southfield, Massachusetts, United States #741633

Was your cart the 1400lbs load capacity model?


You are a f&$%ing illiterate ***.

to someone #741087

Thanks for your thoughts. I figured that would be TI's response.

Send me your email and I will send you the other locations I posted this information.

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